We co-ordinate and publish information on products in our field, by way of answering individual enquiries and of circulars published at regular intervals.
Up to date information regarding EU agricultural policy

Contact and co-operation with authorities and other institutions

We represent our members' interests at all levels of administration as well as in associations and international organizations, wherever necessary.

General terms and conditions of trade

GROFOR has developed General Terms and Conditions for trading with plant and animal/marine animal oils, fats and fatty acids which have stood the test of more than 40 years' practice. They are available in German and English.

Please note:

Since 1st June 2010 there are new GROFOR General Terms valid.
GROFOR-General Terms (engl.)

For previous business the old version is still valid.

GROFOR-General Terms (english version) (old)

Court of Arbitration

GROFOR maintains a permanent court of arbitration which works internationally and decides disputes in accordance with its conditions.

arbitration rules (valid since 1st June, 2010)
arbitration rules (only available in german) (old version)
list of arbitrators (only available in german)

Legal advice

As a matter of course, GROFOR is ready to help with legal problems, whether in setting up contracts or in applying national and European Union laws and regulations.