GROFOR, the German Association of Wholesale Traders in Oils, Fats and Oil Raw Materials (Registered Association) is an association of more than 150 firms, whose activities cover the following areas:

  • vegetable and animal oils and fats
  • oil raw materials
  • fatty acids and
  • other related commodities

Its members are traders, producers and consumers, agents and service sector enterprises from all over Europe.

Originally, 25 company owners from the fields of trade in lard and fats for human consumption, trade in blubber and trade in technical fats for the soap and candle industry and in vegetable oils merged to "duly demonstrate the inappropriateness of governmental regulations and the reduction in the price of raw products and to transfer to the association, as well as conduct negotiations with the relevant authorities with a view to establishing cooperation between governmental bodies and the trade now and following the peaceful resolution and obtaining compensation for the losses suffered due to confiscations". (Original quote)

After its establishment, the association was entered in the register of associations in Hamburg. 2 years later the " Fat-trading Association" was included and the association was renamed "Association of Wholesale Traders in Oils, Fats and Oil Raw Materials".


Statute of the German Association of Wholesale Traders in Oils, Fats and Oil Raw Materials

(only available in German)


GROFOR sees as the focus of its activities supporting its members, promoting the exchange of economic and technological knowledge and experience within its membership co-operating with the administration and other institutions (nationally and internationally) with a view to promoting our aims.

Grofor is a member of the European umbrella association COCERAL. In addition, the association maintains close ties with the associations FOSFA, NOFOTA, FEDIOL and UCOGRAS.

Furthermore, GROFOR is part of the German Associations Alliance of the Food and Feed Industry „Grain Club“.


A complete list of members of the companies represented in GROFOR can be downloaded as a PDF.


1. Information

We inform our members on any planned changes to European legislative projects relating to the food and feed sector, the customs union and third-country agreements (free trading agreements), changes to custom duties, tariff preferences, tariff quotas as well as changes in national laws and regulations, notably the Feedstuffs Act and Feedstuffs Regulation, genetic engineering and biotechnology, food regulations and other issues of relevance to our members.

2. Maintaining contacts with public authorities and other institutions

We represent our members' interests in Berlin and Brussels at all governmental and political levels as well as in associations and international organisations.

3. GROFOR terms and conditions of trade

GROFOR recommends its members revert to, though not be bound by, the "General Terms and Conditions for Trading in Plant and Animal/Marine Animal Oils, Fats and Fatty Acids" - in the current version from 01.06.2010 when conducting business. They are available in German and English.

4. Court of arbitration

GROFOR maintains a permanent court of arbitration which works internationally and which generally features merchants or specialised lawyers with knowledge of Grofor terms and conditions and industry-specific trade practices. Proceedings at the court of arbitration are regulated in the court of arbitration rules which you can download here. The court of arbitration consists of three arbitrators. In this respect, it is recommended to refer to the list of arbitrators compiled by GROFOR. A person who belongs to a company registered in a trade register or cooperative register of the Federal Republic of Germany may also work as an arbitrator, providing he has the relevant technical and industrial know-how at his disposal. If you have any questions regarding the court of arbitration, please get in touch with your contact at Grofor.

5. Advice

As a matter of course, the association is also on hand to answer industry and product-specific questions asked by all member companies.



11.28.2019, Hamburg, Hotel Grand Elysée

Every year in November, GROFOR organises an international meeting for members and their guests. With more than 900 participants from all over Europe attending, it offers excellent opportunities to develop existing contacts and to establish new ones.

The next GROFOR evening will take place in Hotel Grand Elysée Hamburg on Thursday, 28th November 2019.
Unfotunately this year´s Grofor Dinner is totally SOLD OUT!

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Grofor General Assembly

05.09.2019, Hotel Grand Elysée

We want to inform you about our grofor general assembly at May, 9th 2019 5.00 pm at Hotel Grand Elysée, Oak Room.

Registration HERE.